New Video Series: Real Talk Tobacco (RTT)

This fall, ASH launched our brand new video series called Real Talk Tobacco (RTT) where we decode everything happening in the tobacco control public health community. The complex layers of trade, global development, U.S. health policy, human rights, and the tobacco industry are broken down in each video episode to show how these issues relate to you.

This informative series will also provide you with real time updates on the events that we attend, like the United Nations General Assembly in New York City, allowing everyone to join us on the road at these turning points for the tobacco control community. We want RTT to be your foot in the door and your translator in the room, providing you with updates on how everything relates back to the life-saving work of the tobacco control movement.

Every episode gives you a suggestion for how to stay involved, so you will not just be a member of the audience, but you will be an active participant standing up for health and tobacco control measures!

Please send us any topic suggestions that you would like our ASH Correspondent and Campaign Coordinator Shana Narula to cover in an upcoming episode by emailing

Check out our favorite RTT video here. And, stay tuned to our YouTube Channel here for the latest updates!

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