ASH Facilitates FCTC Compliancy Workshop in the Philippines

ASH’s Laurent Huber and Chris Bostic traveled to Manila, in the Philippines from November 30 to December 7 to facilitate a workshop on legislative drafting for NGOs and government officials from Southeast Asia.

The purpose of the workshop was to prepare countries to become compliant with the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), which becomes international law on February 28, 2005.

Delegations from Vietnam, PDR Lao, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines took part in the meeting. All but Indonesia have signed the FCTC, and Thailand has already ratified. The facilitators also met individually with each delegation to go over individual issues and opportunities. 

Southeast Asia has been particularly targeted by international tobacco companies, particularly women, who up to now have a very low smoking rate.

The workshop was the first to follow a meeting in Melbourne, Australia in May which included delegates from all over the world. Both meetings included the distribution of the “Model Legislation for Tobacco Control” manual, which details model laws, industry tactics and scientific evidence for tobacco control.

Similar regional drafting workshops are planned for the future, and there will be ongoing consultation between individual countries and FCA members in a continuing effort to push for global comprehensive tobacco control.


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