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Australian Medical Assoc. Pushes for Smoking Ban in Cars Carrying Children [03/29/05]

Principal Apologizes for Smoking at School [03/28/05]

RI Student Suspended After Posting Photos of Principal Smoking on the Internet [03/25/05]

New Study Says Smoking Prevention Programs for Students Are Not Working [03/22/05]

New Study Says African American Children Suffer Disproportionately from ETS Exposure [03/15/05]

New Study: Smoking Cigarettes During Pregnancy May Damage Baby's Genes [03/09/05]

Mother Pleads Guilty to Smoking Around Children [02/24-4]

New Study: Anti-Smoking Campaign Has Helped Cut Youth Smoking Rates [02/23/05]

Pendleton, IN Issues Tickets to Minors Caught Smoking [02/22/05]

New Study: Smoking Causes Memory and Cognitive Impairment in Adolescents [02/08/05]

New Study: Passive Smoking in Childhood May Increase Risk of Lung Cancer Later [01/28/05]

Newsweek: Stubbing Out Smoking in Movies [01/21/05]

Foundation Launches New Campaign Against Secondhand Smoke and Children [01/13/05]

New Study: ETS Linked to Reading, Math, Logic and Reasoning Decline in Kids [01/04/05]

2004 [back to top]
New Study: Tobacco Sponsored College Parties Encourage Students to Start Smoking [12/29/04]

U.K. Launches New Anti-Smoking Ads Featuring Children [12/27/04]

RJR Settles CA Lawsuit and Will Limit Magazine Ads Targeting Teens [12/23/04]

New Zealand Considers Placing Age Restrictions on Movies with Smoking Scenes [12/10/04]

Suffolk County, NY Raises Legal Age to Purchase Cigarettes to 19 [12/08/04]

Jerusalem Bans Sale of Tobacco to Minors and 'Light' Cigarettes [12/02/04]

DOJ Trial: Tobacco Firms Adapted to Advertising Restrictions and Continued to Market to Youth [12/02/04]

Belgium Bans Cigarette Sales to Minors Under 16 Years [12/01/04]

St. Paul Teens Push for Smoking Ban in City Parks [11/30/04]

BAT Targeted Youth in Advertising Plan After Opposing Under-Age Smoking Publicly [11/09-4]

New Study: U of Minn. Students Smoking Rates are Down; Students Lobby for Statewide Smoking Ban [11/05-3]

New Study: Puffing Even 1 Cigarette in Childhood Increases Odds of Future Smoking [11/02-1]

Children's Poetry Web Site Announces Winners of Anti-Smoking Poetry Contest [10/25/04]

Canada: Smoking Bans in Cars Carrying Children Gains Support [10/20/04]

New Study: Second-hand Smoke Hits Children Hardest [10/20/04]

New Advocacy Group Formed to Stop Illegal Tobacco Sales To Minors Online [10/15/04]

Ontario Medical Assoc. Calls for Ban on Smoking in Cars with Children [10/14/04]

New Evidence that Air Pollution and Secondhand Smoke Combine to Damage Lung Health in Babies [10/14/04]

Teen Presents Passive Smoking Study to MD and DE Lawmakers in Support of State Smoking Bans [10/12/04]

New Study: Adolescents' Beliefs About Risks Involved in Smoking 'Light' Cigarettes [10/06/04]

New Study: Mothers Who Smoke May Raise Babies' Risk of Developing Colic [10/04/04]

CA: Attorneys Seek Revival of Class Action Suit Over Tobacco Sales to Teens [09/22/04]

NEW Penn. Bill Would Ban Smoking in Cars Carrying Small Children [09/20/04]

New Report: Tobacco Use Rates Down Among Youths Ages 12-17 [09/10/04]

Rite Aid Agrees to Measures to Curb Tobacco Sales to Minors [09/09/04]

Parents Should Not Smoke Around Babies to Prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) [09/02/04]

Study: Parents of Asthmatic Children Fail to Rid Homes of Smoke and Other Asthma Attack Triggers [08/31/04]

New Study: Cigarette Marketing More Prevalent in Stores Frequented by Adolescents [08/26/04]

Attorney General Bans Online Cigarette Dealer from Selling Products in Mass. [08/25/04]

CA Bill to Ban Smoking in Cars with Small Children Resurrected [08/25/04]

IL Gov. Signs Law Prohibiting Shipment of Cigarettes to Minors [08/24/04]

New Study: Troubled Kids More Likely to Become Smokers [08/19/04]

New Study: Parents Overlook Banning Smoking in Homes as Asthma Prevention Step [08/18/04]

Health Officials Gather to Protest Cigarettes Targeted to Hook Minority Youth [08/18/04]

New Studies: Nicotine Therapy Works Well for Teens; Not As Well for Women as for Men [08/17/04]

UK: 14-Year-Old Students Given Nicotine Patches to Kick Smoking [08/13/04]

SC to Lose Successful Teen Anti-Smoking Program [08/12/04]

VA Woman Accused of Violating Judge's Order Not to Smoke Around Her Kids [08/11/04]

Why You Should Talk to Your Child About Smoking and Smokeless Tobacco [08/10/04]

New Study: Teens Who Regularly Dine With Their Families Less Likely to Smoke [08/10/04]

Canada: Teen Smoking Rate Drops By A Third Over 5-Year Span [08/10/04]

Kids Encourage Havre, MT to Pass Tobacco Free City Parks Resolution [08/05/04]

New Report: Cigarette Use Among U.S. High School Students [08/04/04]

New Study: Tobacco Smoking and Oral Clefts in Infants [08/04/04]

Korea: New Devices Prevent Minors From Purchasing Cigarettes from Vending Machines [07/29/04]

New Website Reports Stores that Sell Tobacco to Minors in San Diego [07/29/04]

NY Bans Sale of Water-Laced with Nicotine to Minors [07/28/04]

Australia: New Report Shows Children Bear Cost of Passive Smoking [07/27/04]

New Study: Kids Viewing 2 or More Hours of TV Daily More Likely to Become Overweight Smokers [07/23/04]

Illinois AG to File Suit Against B&W Tobacco for Illegal Cigarette Marketing to Kids [07/21/04]

New Report: Smoking and Secondhand Smoke Leading Risks to Childrens' Health [07/13/04]

Fewer Children Smoke When Parents Make R-Rated Movies Off Limits [07/06/04]

Certain Gene May Put Some Children at Greater Risk of Developing Asthma from ETS [07/02/04]

MD Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against B&W for Marketing Cigarettes to Children [07/02/04]

Movie Stars Smoking On Screen Encourages Teen Smoking [06/30/04]

New Report: Secondhand Smoke Tearing Families Apart [06/24/04]

A SH Quoted on Dramatic Teen Smoking Drop [06/18/04]

CA Attorney General Sues Safeway Stores Over Cigarette Sales to Minors [06/17/04]

New CA Bills Would Ban Smoking in Cars Carrying Children and On All State Beaches [06/16/04]

"Kool Mixx" Cigarettes Targeting Youth Removed from Store Shelves [06/16/04]

CA Bill Banning Smoking in Cars with Children is Dead [05/28/04]

K Health Development Agency Releases Briefing on Teen Smoking Prevention [05/26/04]

New Evidence that Teens are Most Vulnerable to Smoking Addiction [05/21/04]

New MA Bill Would Combat Tobacco Sales to Minors [05/20/04]

New Study: First Exposure to Nicotine May Change Adolescents' Brain And Behavior [05/17/04]

CA Bill to Ban Smoking in Cars with Small Children Wins Preliminary Approval [05/06/04]

Children with Asthma Twice as Likely to Face Year-Round Attacks if Parents Smoke [05/05/04]

Truth TV Ads Continue to Successfully Educate Teens on the Dangers of Smoking [05/03/04

New CA Bill Would Ban Smoking in Cars with Children [04/29/04]

OK Strengthens Laws Against Underage Tobacco Sales [04/29/04]

New Study: Mistaken Beliefs About Smoking Moms Can Influence Minorities [04/28/04]

Cell Associated with Asthma Linked to ETS Exposure During Infancy [04/22/04]

New Study: Prenatal Nicotine Exposure Primes Brain for Addiction [04/20/04]

Study: Effects of Ending Youth Tobacco Control Campaign in Minnesota [04/16/04]

Blanket Smoking Ban Imposed on All of Scotland's Youth Hostels [04/09/04]

Kids Caught Smoking in Greene County, MO Must Enroll in Tobacco Health Risks Program [04/08/04]

ASH PR: Children, Not Just Adults, Need Protection from Tobacco Smoke Pollution [04/7/04]

New Study: Adolescents that Smoke Daily Have Greater Risk of Committing Suicide [04/07/04]

New Study: Secondhand Smoke Can Slow Wound Healing in Children [04/07/04]

New Study: Bisexual and Lesbian Girls Are More Likely to Smoke [04/06/04]

Parents Requesting Non-Smoking Sections Reduce Chances of Children Becoming Smokers [04/06/04]

Medical Students to Send Signed Cigarette Cartons to Hollywood in Effort to Curb Smoking in Movies [04/06/04]

Today is Kick Butts Day, The National Celebration of Youth Activism Against Tobacco [03/31/04]

Bill to Raise CA's Legal Age to Purchase Tobacco Approved by Senate Committee [03/26/04]

Pediatricians Warn that Childrens' Movies Contain Too Many Smoking Scenes [03/19/04]

San Diego Minors Able to Purchase Cigarettes With Ease [03/19/04]

Port Orange, FL Bans Outdoor Smoking in Front of Children [03/18/04]

MA: Tobacco Control Cuts Enable Teens to Purchase More Cigarettes [03/16/04]

CA State Students Protest Phillip Morris' Participation at Career Fair [03/11/04]

Five Year Report Details Smoking in Movies Delivered to Children [03/10/04]

New Study: Children Exposed to Harmful Smoking Residue Even When Smoking Outside [03/09/04]

Hollywood Faces More Fury as the Number of Smoking Scenes in Movies Continues to Grow [03/08/04]

Sultan, WA Implements New Zero-Tolerance Law for Minors Possessing Tobacco Products [03/03/04]

Russian Government Launches Program to Combat Youth Smoking [03/02/04]

NC: Trust Fund Increases Teen Smoking Prevention Funds by 75% [02/27/04]

NC Day-Care Workers Concerned with Health Effects of Secondhand Smoke [02/27/04]

New Evidence that Maternal Smoking is Tied to Childrens' Lung Disease [02/27/04]

Editorial: Rated S for Scenes of Smoking [02/24/04]

Nicotine Found in Childrens' Bodies Even if Parents Smoke Outside [02/12/04]

New Report: Impact of Tobacco Use on Reproductive and Child Health [02/12/04]

VT Students Take on Big Tobacco in Film Documentary [02/09/04]

GA Considers Law for Smoking in Cars with Children Present [02/05/04]

New Evidence that Babies Exposed to ETS have Lower Birth Weights [01/23/04]

Canada: 100 Babies Die Each Year due to Maternal Smoking [01/14/04]

2003 [back to top]
New Report: Teen Smoking Rates Decline, but at Slower Rates [12/19/03]

Teens Want Smoking Out of Movies [12/17/03]

Study: Australian Kids Smoke Less, But Still Too Much [12/08/03]

OH Children's Hospital Bans All Smoking on Premises [12/05/03]

Study: High School Student Smoking Rate Drops [11/24/03]

Study: US High School Students Smoking Less[11/14/03]

Study: Teens Use Nicotine Replacement Products in Addition to Smoking [11/12/03]

Study: Tobacco Advertising Still Reaches and Influences American Teens [11/07/03

Study: Poor Academic Grades Linked to Tobacco Exposure in Students [11/05/03]

Teen Smoking Rates Decline in Maine [10/29/03]

Study: Second Hand Smoke May Contribute to Hearing Loss in Infants [10/21/03]

France: Students Angered Over Smoking Ban [10/17/03]

Smoking Down Among VT Youths [10/16/03]

CO Students Fight Tobacco Use [10/15/03]

Study: "Novelty-Seeking" Teens More Receptive to Tobacco Advertising [10/14/03]

UK: Doctors Are Prescribing Nicotine Patches for Kids [10/07/03]

CT School Superintendent Calls For Smoking Ban Near Schools [10/02/03

Southern Public Health and Faith Leaders Meet to Discuss Youth Tobacco Use [10/02/03]

Foster Parents That Smoke Face New Restrictions [09/29/03]

U.S. College Students Support Tobacco Control Policies [09/17/03]

Teen Smokers More Likely to Use Marijuana [09/16/03]

Minors Able to Purchase Cigarettes Online 90% of the Time [09/10/03]

Study: The Impact of ETS on Infants [08/27/03]

Students Push for Smoking Ban [08/22/03]

Kids Viewing Movie Smoking Scenes are More Likely to Smoke [08/20/03]

SC Cuts Funding for Youth Smoking Prevention Programs [8/18/03]

PA Mayor Proposes Public Smoke Ban for Youth [08/14/03]

Study: Hard-Hitting Anti-Smoking Ads Prove Most Effective for Youth [08/06/03]

Study: Strategies to Reduce ETS Exposure to Infants [08/05/03]

Rural Teens More Likely to Smoke [08/01/03]

Australian Anti-Smoking TV Commercial Successfully Deters Teen Smoking [07/31/03]

UK Study: Truants More Likely to Smoke [07/30/03]

France Bans Cigarette Sales to Minors Under 16 and Raises Prices Per Pack [07/25/03]

Teen Smoking Linked to Parental Income and Education Levels [07/22/04]

Study: Smoking in Movies Catalyst for Adolescent Smoking [07/18/04]

Study: Two-Thirds of Young Women Want to Quit Smoking [07/17/03]

IN School Board Stops Nicotine Testing [07/17/03]

Teen Dilemna: Smoke or Cheat? [07/17/03]

Youth Smoking Prevention Programs in All Phillipine Schools [07/15/03]

Movie Idols Send Strong Smoke Signals to Teens [07/14/03

DE Teenager Fights to Prevent Kids From Smoking [07/08/03]

Passive Smoking Ads Show Smoking Babies [07/08/03]

Parents Told to Quit Smoking Near Children [07/04/03]

New Zealand Students Smoke During Breaks [07/03/03]

WI Youth Smoking Declines [07/02/03]

Teens' Brains May Make Them More Prone to Addiction [06/27/03]

Pregnant Smoking Hurts Sons [06/13/03]

Study: Movies Cause Children to Smoke [06/10/03]

70 % Kids Exposed to Smoke in Restaurants [06/04/03]

Survey: CA Students Smoking Less [05/29/03]

Study: Passive Smoking Sickens Students [05/28/03]

Parents Who Quit Smoking Reduce Odds that Kids Will Smoke [05/08/03]

Taiwan to Fine Parents if Kids Smoke [05/06/03]

WHO: Tobacco Smoke is Lethal For Children [04/08/03]

CT Students Cheer Efforts To Ban Workplace Smoking [04/04/03]

Study Shows Smoking Can Make Babies Behave Badly [04/03/03]

According to Survey, Teen Smoking Has Dropped [03/14/03]

Secondhand Smoke Increases Kids' Tooth Decay [03/13/03]

Smoke-Free College Campuses [03/12/03]

Community Will Raise Smoking Age [03/11/03]

Don't Smoke Around Baby [03/06/03]

Non-Smoking Parents Reduce Child's Smoking Risk [02/24/03]

1 in 10 Youths Smoking Daily in Australia [02/20/03]

Tobacco Wins Ruling in Child Ad Suit [02/13/03]

Asthmatic Youths Want Smoke-free Eateries [02/11/03]

Chocolate Cigarettes Recruit Children [02/07/03]

CDC Study Finds Children Have High Cotinine Levels [01/31/03]

Smoking In Car With Kids Could Become Illegal [01/31/03]

Tobacco Creeps in Young Men's Magazines [01/28/03]

Is Smoking Around Children Child Abuse? [01/22/03]

Teen Smoking on the Decline [01/10/03]

Parental Smoking Makes Children Sick [01/07/03]

2002 [back to top]
Illegal for Youth to Smoke in Canadian Province [12/31/02]

Passive Smoke Lowers Child's Vitamin C Levels [12/30/02]

Teen Smoking Reaches Record Low [12/17/02]

Teenagers Flock To Bidi Cigarettes [12/10/02]

Canadians Want Protection For Children [12/05/02]

Tobacco Smoke is Killing Children [12/04/02]

Smoking During Pregnancy Linked to Obesity [11/25/02]

Tobacco Smoke Kills Babies [11/22/02]

Many Kids Exposed to Cigarette Smoke [11/14/02]

Smoker's Children Are More Likely to Smoke [11/06/02]

Tobacco Scientist Educates Kids [10/25/02]

Teenage Cig. Use Declines [10/17/02]

Students Tested for Tobacco [10/08/02]

Girl Smokers Risk Breast Cancer [10/07/02]

Law Student Forces faculty To Obey Ban [10/04/02]

CA Court Dismisses Child Cig. Ads Suit [09/16/02]

Judge Bans Smoking Near Child [09/13/02]

Teens Exposed to Smokers Likely To Smoke [09/12/02]

Tobacco Marketing Continues To Attract Kids [09/09/02]

Parental Smoking Linked To Kids Risky Behaviors [09/05/02]

Doctors Find Why Smoke Kills Babies [09/05/02]

Kids TV Habits Linked To Smoking [09/04/02]

Cigarette Ads Target Asian Youths [09/03/02]

Effort to Raise Smoking Age Dies in Committee [09/03/02]

One Puff Can Addict Kids [08/30/02]

Why Kids Smoke [08/28/02]

Smoking During Pregnancy Linked To Kids Asthma [08/26/02]

Smoking? It Could Make Your Child Slow [08/20/02]

Mom Wants Her Sons Arrested If They Smoke [08/09/02]

ETS Exposure Reduces Infant Birth Weight [08/05/02]

Pregnant Smokers Have Aggressive Kids [08/02/02]

Secondhand Smoke Endangering Children [07/30/02]

CA Students Push to Limit Smoking [07/30/02]

Children Are Very Influenced By Tobacco Ads [07/23/02]

Many Children Lose Parents due to Cigarettes [07/22/02]

Teen Smokers on The Decline [07/18/02]

Counterfeit Cigarettes Are Very Dangerous [07/12/02]

Smoking Mothers Ruin Child's Fertility [07/12/02]

Asthmatic Children Hurt by Smokers [07/10/02]

Some PA Retailers Selling Tobacco to Minors [07/10/02]

Smoking Reduces Chances of Being a Dad [07/03/02]

Teens Less Risky Today [07/01/02]

Vaccines May Prevent Addiction [06/24/02]

Teens Falling for Tobacco Tricks [06/21/02]

Tobacco Ads Luring Teens [06/18/02]

Americans Favor Increasing Legal Age [06/13/02]

Conn. Bans Smoking in Dorms [06/13/02]

Smokeless Tobacco Accused of Advertising to Children [06/05/02]

Tobacco Smoke is Extremely Harmful to Children [05/09/02]

Just a Little Bit of Smoke Affects Children [05/08/02]

Machines to Detect Smokers in Schools [04/29/02]

Kids Are Easily Addicted To Cigarettes [04/17/02]

Mom's Smoking Damages Child [03/29/02]

2001 [back to top]
Smoking Ban in Play Grounds [01/18/01]

New Laws to Protect California's Children from Tobacco [12/31/01]

Tobacco Pulls Cartoon Advertisement [12/18/01]

Smoking in Movies Influences Kids to Smoke [12/17/01]

Study Looks Into Risks of ETS for Children [11/07/01]

Kids Exposed to Smokers Could Develop Asthma [11/06/01]

EPA's Campaign to Protect Children from ETS [10/26/01]

Adults Buy Cigarettes for Kids [10/25/01]

Child Labor and Tobacco [10/17/01]

ETS Poses a Serious Threat to Children [10/15/01]

Paternal Smoking Linked to Children's Lung Deficit [10/10/01]

Tobacco Accused of Targeting Children [08/29/01]

Tobacco Advertising Still Targets Children [08/16/01]

No Smoking Allowed in California Playgrounds [08/14/01]

Children Buy Herbal Cigarettes Legally [08/06/01]

Judge Prohibits Smoking Around 1yr Old Child [08/01/01]

Children Can Find Ways to Buy Cigarettes Online [07/27/01]

Kids Embalming Cigarettes for Kicks [07/27/01]

Kids Compete in Antismoking Poster Contest [07/18/01]

Nicotine Monitors Used to Clear the Air for Children [07/10/01]

Smoking Parents Put Kids at Risk [07/09/01]

Children who smell of smoke face School suspension [07/06/01]

Cigars Gain Favor Among Kids [06/27/01]

Cigar Smoking is Up Among Children [06/21/01]

Tobacco Targets Children Around the World [06/21/01]

Children Are Highly Affected By Tobacco Advertising [06/14/01]

Tobacco Ads Impact Youth, Study Says [06/12/01]

Parents Unaware of Smoking Risks [05/31/01]

Boy Sues Smoking Father [05/29/01]

Could Smoking Moms Be Jailed For Homicide? [05/29/01]

Send Parents Who Smoke Children to Jail? [05/28/01]

Devices Catch Student Smokers [05/25/01]

Smoke Exposure Increases Kids' Lead Poisoning [05/22/01]

College Bans Outdoor Smoking on Campus [05/17/01]

States Don't Enforce No-Minors-Sale Laws [05/17/01]

Bill Would Ban Outdoor Smoking in Parks [05/04/01]

Smoking and Breast Feeding Linked to SIDS [04/24/01]

Anti Smoking Groups Criticize Tobacco Youth Campaigns [04/19/01]

Teens Targets of New Ohio Smoking Law [04/18/01]

Young Native Americans Against Smoking [04/16/01]

Early Smoking Prevention Works Best [04/13/01]

Smoking Linked to Teenage Depression [04/11/01]

Kids Across America Kick Butts [04/05/01]

Smoking on College Campus [03/26/01]

Tobacco Industry Targets College Population [03/23/01]

Child Labor Used By Tobacco Companies [03/21/01]

Young Smokers End Up with Gum Disease [03/21/01]

Read Comprehensive New Report on Substance Abuse [03/10/01]

Enforcing a Cigarette Ban to Minors Is Inexpensive [03/02/01]

Dieting Teens More Likely To Smoke [03/01/01]

Sad But True: Youngest Smoker Record [02/28/01]

Movie Stars Can Influence Young Smokers [02/27/01]

US Teens Fight Tobacco at Global Level [02/26/01]

Survey: Teens Take Health Risks [02/21/01]

Maternal Smoking Causes Child Asthma [02/16/01]

African American Teens Have Higher Risk of Tobacco Addiction [01/31/01]

Why Do Kids Smoke? [01/25/01]

Baby Sitters and Second Hand Smoke [01/01/01

2000 [back to top]
Texas Sues Online Vendor For Selling To Minors [12/28/00]

School Based Programs Not Enough To Help Teens Quit [12/21/00]

Tobacco Use by School Age Students. Monitoring the Future Survey, University of Michigan [12/15/00]

Smoking by Kids Linked to Movies [11/13/00]

Smoking Causes Anxiety [11/09/00]

Philip Morris Book Covers Rjected [10/12/00]

Young Smokers Crucial to Big Tobacco [10/04/00]

Teen Smoking Causes Depression [10/03/00]

States May be Addicted to Teen Sales [09/26/00]

Book Covers Contain Hidden Tobacco Ads [09/25/00]

Nicotine Testing Helps Cut Teen Smoking [09/25/00]

Early Antismoking Education May be Ineffective [09/22/00]

Teens Are Easily Addicted [09/13/00]

New Report on Teen Tobacco Use [09/01/00]

Smoker's Family Face Increased Stroke Risk [08/31/00]

Teen Smoking May Be Dipping [08/25/00]

More Dorms Go Smokefree [08/24/00]

Smoking a Major Cause of SIDS [08/24/00]

Adult Smoking Gives Kids Meningitis [08/18/00]

Teen Addiction Hard to Measure [08/11/00]

Almost 50% of College Students Use Tobacco [08/09/00]

MDs Should Report Smoke-Expsoure Child Abuse [08/09/00]

Expsoing Kids to Smoke and Addiction [08/07/00]

Industry Used Candy Cigarettes to Entice Kids [08/04/00]

Antismoking Efforts Should Target Adults Too [08/04/00]

College Students Can't Get Cigs With Card [07/27/00]

Smoking Can Give Babies/Passive Smokers Meningitis [07/24/00]

US Kids Not So Healthy [07/14/00]

US Kids Not So Healthy [07/14/00]

Smoking Linked to Risky Teen Habits [07/13/00]

How Mass Slashes Kid Smoking [06/29/00]

Home Smoking Rules Affect Kid Smoking [06/26/00]

High School Smoking Up [06/09/00]

Retailers Sued Over Kid Sales [05/26/00]

Big Tobacco is Still Targeting Kids [05/24/00]

Secondhand Smoke Hurts Infants [05/17/00]

Smoking Moms Have Smoking Kids [05/09/00]

TheTruth Campaign OnLine for Kids [05/04/]]

Smoking Moms Give Kids Cancer [05/01/00]

RJR Against Shareholder Proposals That Curb Youth Smoking [03/17/00]

Antismoking Ads Working on Teens [03/16/00]

Kansas May Back Children's Bond with Settlement Money [03/15/00]

BIDI's Continue to Be a Scourge Among Teens [03/14/00]

Tobacco Paraphernalia Promotes Teen Smoking [03/14/00]

Smoking and Teens [03/10/00]

FL Accomplishing the Impossible with Kids Smoking [03/07/00]

Canadian Senator Wants Smokers to Pay to Reduce Teen Smoking [02/29/00]

Teen Smoking Rates Around the World [02/15/00]

New FDA Website Lists Merchants Caught Illegally Selling Cigs to Minors [02/14/00]

Children's Valentine's Day Poems Straight from the Heart - Quit Smoking [02/14/00]

Clerks in Canada have No Problem Selling to Minors [02/11/00]

Not All Youth Smokers Getting Smokes from Stores [02/08/00]

New Study on Health Behaviors of Children [02/02/00]

One in Eight Middle Schoolers Lighting Up [01/31/00]

CDC Report Shows Teen Smoking Still at Epidemic Rate [01/28/00]

Truth Campaign Hitting Kids [01/24/00]

Herbal Cigarettes No Safe Alternative; Targeting Kids? [01/18/00]

Secondhand Smoke Definitely Hurts Kids [01/15/00]

Kids Deliver 7,000 Postcards to Fl. Gov.: Spend Money on Antitobacco [01/14/00]

B&W Accused of Surreptitiously Marketing to Kids [01/13/00]

Mixed Reaction to NJ Youth Antitobacco Law [01/12/00]

Kids Working Hard to Make Difference [01/03/00]

Talk About Smoking with Your Kids: Helpful Suggestions [01/03/00]

1999 [back to top]
Girl Scouts Take the Lead Against Tobacco [12/17/99]

Sting Ops Catch VA Clerks Selling Bidis to Minors [12/15/99]

Teens Say Proposed Canadian Fines Won't Stop Them From Smoking [12/02/99]

Smoking to Forget Childhood Mental Stresses [12/01/99]

If you Quit Now You May Prevent Your Child from Starting [12/01/99]

The Truth About Tobacco Adverts - Teens the Target [11/30/99]

Canadian Tobacco Industry Targets Kids Says Documents [11/23/99]

Anti-Nicotine Vaccines - Helps Smokers Stop, Stops Kids from Starting [11/16/99]

PM: MSA Provides Unprecedented Opportunity to Reduce Youth Smoking [11/15/99]

Not To be Outdone by PM Lorillard Launches Youth Antitobacco Ads [11/12/99]

Sweeterners Added to Attract Kid Smokers [11/11/99]

TATU's Dedicated Teen Volunteers Making a Difference in IL [11/11/99]

Canadians Using a Hands on Approach to Reach Kids [11/10/99]

70% of Children Who Try Tobacco Become Addicted [11/10/99]

Canada Raises Cig Taxes & Redoubles Effort to Keep Kids Smoke free [11/08/99]

On Halloween, Smoking Parents Killing Children [10/28/99

This Halloween, Tell Children About REAL Monsters [10/27/99]

Study Focused on the Problem of Pre-teen Smoking [10/20/99]

Loopholes & Under Enforcement: States Failing to Cut Teen Smoking I [10/14/99]

Loopholes & Under Enforcement: States Failing to Cut Teen Smoking II [10/14/99]

The Appalling Rate of Teen Smokers [10/13/99]

3000 New Teen Smokers Per Day Smoking 3 Most Heavily Advertised Brands [10/12/996]

New Study Estimates 3,000 New Teen Smokers A Day [10/12/99]

Australian Government Takes A Stand Against ETS [10/11/99]

Health Dept. in PA County Proposes New Fine for Cig Sales to Minors [10/11/99]

Disturbing Evidence: Kids Smoking to Lose Weight [10/05/99]

Field Trip Shows Students the Danger of Smoking and Industry Deceit [10/05/99]

Advice for the Parents of Smoking Kids [10/04/99]

States May Lose Funds Due to Insufficient Decrease in Teen Smoking [09/21/99]

Prenatal Exposure to Testosterone Increases Risk of Future Smoking [09/15/99]

ALF Brings Teens to the Table to Combat Youth Smoking [09/14/99]

Damning Industry Documents- Nicotine Lollipops and Addiction [09/13/99]

PRIDE Survey Shows Smoking Among School Age Youth Down [09/09/99]

PRIDE To Release 1998-99 Student Drug Use Report Today [09/08/99]

Boston Teens Take Action [08/27/99]

ETS Is Harming Our Children [08/26/99]

Community Teams Up to Provide Drug Free Nightlife for Kids [08/25/99]

Protecting Kids from Internet Tobacco Act in the Works [08/24/99]

TFK Statement on the 1998 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse [08/19/99]

More On New Survey and Smoking Teens [08/19/99]

Drug Use Down Among Teens, But Smoking Rates Remain Unchanged [08/19/99]

New SAMHSA Report on Teen Tobacco Use [08/18/99]

The Scourge of Bidis on the Young [08/18/99]

Bidis: What the Kids Are Saying… and the Doctors [08/10/99]

Cig Sales to Minors May Cost MO Millions [08/09/99]

New Report on Teen Smoking and Its Effects [08/02/99]

New Study on Youth Responses to Smoking in the Movies [07/30/99]

Denver Targets Underage Smoking - Teens Say Plan has holes [07/29/99]

Disturbing Report on Seattle Teens - Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco [07/28/99]

Editorial: Warning, Lifestyle May Be Hazardous to Your Children [07/27/99]

The State of Children - ASH's Scheg Quoted [07/12/99]

Aust. Introduces Tough Penalties for Retailers Who Sell to Minors [06/30/99]

Rothman's Dangerously Close to the Line of Pursuing Underage Smokers [06/28/99]

Kids Depict the Artful Truth About Smoking [06/21/99]

WHO Report: Smoke Endangers 1.2 World's Kids [06/16/99]

TX - Underage Smoking Nets About $39M a Year [06/14/99]

PA: Using Billboards to Get the Message to Youth [06/09/99]

Youth Antitobacco Activists Take Spitation to the Field [06/07/99]

Behavior In Grade School Effects Emotional Problems in High School [04/12/99]

New Study on Parental Smoking and Respiratory Effects on Children [06/01/99]

Minority Children at Risk for Molecular & Genetic Damage from ETS [06/01/99]

Smoking Mom's or ETS Thought to Cause Children's Teeth to Rot [06/01/99]

Lockout Machines Are Vending Machines [05/21-6]

Smoking at Home Triggers Asthma Attacks [05/21/99]

ENGLE: Retired PM Exec Denies Marketing to Kids [05/19/99]

NV Poll Shows 78% Want Settlement $s to Go to Cut Teen Smoking [05/18/99]

MA Kids Rally Against Tobacco [05/10/99]

MN Children Demonstrate at the Tobacco Memorial Wall [05/10/99]

Teen Magazines Discuss Tobacco [05/06/99]

ME Bill Would Prohibit Use of Minors in Stings [05/05/99]

Children Likely to Do as Their Parents Do [04/20/99]

High School Student in MA Drafts Bill that Restricts Smoking [04/15/99]

Students Design Antitobacco Billboards in Maryland [04/15/99]

Teen Cigarette Brand Preferences [04/14/99]

New Study: Parental ETS and Respiratory Disease in Children [04/12/99]

Behavior In Grade School Effects Emotional Problems in High School [04/12/99]

CBS Reports on Targeting Kids - MONDAY [04/10/99]

Spotlight on the Kids for National 'Kick Butts' Day [04/09/99]

Key to Decreasing Youth Smoking Is to Decrease Smoking in General [04/09/99]

NC Ready to Enforce Its Youth Antitobacco Laws [04/08/99]

Report on DNA Ramifications for Smoking Youth Alarms Maine [04/08/99]

Genetic Damage from Smoking More Pronounced In Youth [04/07/99]

Prenatal Smoking Linked to SIDS [04/05/99]

Statistical Breakdown of FL. Teen Tobacco Use [04/02/99]

President's Statement on FL's Youth Anti-Smoking Campaign [04/02/99]

VA DMV Takes New Approach to Identifying Minors [03/31/99]

Momentum Picking Up for Rating Toons with Bad Behavior [03/26/99]

Students Want A Smokefree Statehouse: Like The Sign Outside Says [03/25/99]

DE Legislation Would Make Purchasing and Possession by Minors Illegal [03/25/99]

Teens Fight Absurd Tobacco Laws in IL [03/25/99]

Kids Defiant of No Smoking Laws [03/24/99]

Arizona May Ban All Smoking at Schools [03/24/99]

Smoking in the Toons: What Kids Are Seeing [03/23/99]

Police Commend Retailers That Don't Sell to Minors [03/23/99]

Debate in Texas Over Penalties for Underage Smokers [03/23/99]

Butts May Be Toxic to Pets and Children [03/22/99]

Smoking Mothers Risk Criminal Children [03/22/99]

New Study: Pollutants, Including Tobacco Smoke Harm Children [03/19/99]

Reinventing the Zippo - Target Market, Kids [03/19/99]

New Study: Smoking Moms, Criminal Sons [03/15/99]

Teacher Sues Over Smoking in the Boys Room [03/15/99]

Teens and Missed Chances [03/09/99]

New Evidence: Prenatal Smoking and Anti-Social Children [03/09/99]

International Policy Conference on Children and Tobacco [03/04/99]

Cigarette Vending Machines Don't ID [02/26/99]

LA Co. Launches New Campaign Against Sales to Minors [02/18/99]

Henley Wants $50M Punitive Damages to Go to Kids [02/12/99]

Teen Smoking: It's Easy for Minors to Buy in IN [02/11/99]

Money Earmarked for the FDA Teen Smoking Prevention Program [02/09/99]

Students Get Politcos' Settlement Plans on Video [01/29/99]

CONTEST: Kids/Teens - Visit MTV and More [01/13/99]

Smoking Among Kids Keeps Rising [01/08/99]

New Laws in 1999 - Tobacco Free Kids Are One Aim [1/05-/99

1998 [back to top]
Proactive Solutions to CurbTeen Smoking [12/29/98]

A New Approach To Teen Anti-Tobacco [12/23/98]

Teen Smoking Rate Declines…Finally [12/23/98]

Teen Smoking Up - TI Ads To Blame [12/15/98]

AG DEAL: Experts Say It Won't Curb Teen Smoking [11/30-98]

Questions Abound Over the Rise in Teen Smoking [11/30/98]

Study Says: When Parents Smoke, Kids Will Too [11/10/98]

Teaching Kids About Tobacco Through Theater

Teen-Smoking on Democrats Agenda

New Approaches To Keeping Kids Smoke Free

Expert Says Teens Can't Quit

Youth Tobacco Cessation Supplement Published

Teens Ticketed for Lighting Up

ASH Responds to Teen Smoking Study

Teen Lessons in HH

AG TALKS: Tobacco Free Kids Seeks Openness [10/09/98]

CDC says More Teens Smoking and Underestimating Addictiveness [10/09/04]</p>

LA City Atty Protect Children Victimized by Secondhand Smoke

CA Making Tobacco Foot the Bill for Education

Storefront Cigarette Ads Target Kids [09/11/98]

New Survey on Kids & Drugs, Including Nicotine [09/02/98]

Prenatal Smoking Linked to Hyperactivity [08/02/98]

How Parents Can Stop Teen Smoking [7/29/98]

CNNfn Report on Teen Smoking Cites ASH [07/21/98]

CNN on Teen Smoking, With Quote From ASH [07/19/98]

Maternal Smoking Affects Kid's Behavior [07/16/98]

Teen Smoking Down a Bit [06/19/98]

PLEASE Record Effective Teen Antismoking Program [05/30/98]

More Teen Experimentors Getting Hooked [05/22/98]

McCain Bill May Not Discourage Teen Smoking [05/06/98]

Smokers Risking Their Children [05/06/98]

How Kids Are Fighting Smoking [04/20/98]

Regulate Tobacco Aiming Directly at Kids [04/18/98]

Higher Taxes Definitely Cut Teen Smoking [04/09/98]

Why Teenagers Smoke, and Quit [04/06/98]

Smoking By Kids Up - Again! [040/3/98]

Tax Increase Can Save Kids' Lives [04/01/04]

Passive Smoking Kills Babies and Others [03/13/98]

Teens Easily Able to Buy Cigarettes [02/28/98

Citizens Can Sue Over Sales to Minors [02/24/98]

Cigarette Makers Manipulated Nicotine - NY Times [02/23/98]

Two Studies Show: Ads Get Kids to Smoke [02/17/98]

Cutting Teen Smoking Isn't Easy [01/21/98]

Natl Academy of Sciences Backs Cig Tax - Read Report [01/14/98]

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Boys' and Girls' Smoking are Different [12/30/97]

Texas Tough on Teen Smokers [12/28/97]

Teen Smoking Dips Slightly [12/22/97]

Students Are Walking Cigarette Ads [12/16/97]

Black Girls Smoke Less [12/12/97]

Only Kids Focus is Ineffective [11/27/97]

New Web Site For Teens

No Right to Smoke Around Child

How to Keep Kids From Smoking

Preventing Ear Aches in Kids

New Study of Teen Smoking











Smokers May Lose Custody of Children as a Result of New Study


Statement of Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA)

[Congressional Record: July 25, 1995 (House)]

Additional "Secret Documents" Read by Waxman