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Since 1967, ASH has worked as the legal arm of the nonsmoking community by pressuring federal, state, and local governments to restrict smoking and protect the rights of nonsmokers. We're constantly reprioritizing, taking action on threats to the nonsmoker as they happen, not waiting around as more lives are claimed. ASH is made up of passionate people like you; together, we empower the nonsmoker's voice through hard-hitting legal action that has continued to cripple the tobacco industry for over forty years.

We're fighting for the future of our children, one in five of whom still grow up to be smokers. We're fighting for the quality of our air that causes 50,000 nonsmokers to die every year, some of whom never smoked a day in their lives. We're fighting for the regulation of new devices like e-cigarettes that are bringing smoking back into offices and malls and into the hands of our children across the country.

Join us by making a tax-deductible contribution and let your voice be heard in the battle to protect nonsmokers.

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Action on Smoking and Health is celebrating 43 years of representing the nonsmoking community thanks to your generous contributions. Your support allows us to continue to take hard-hitting legal actions against the secondhand smoking that kills 50,000 Americans every year, the third largest cause of death, and costs the United States economy over $200 billion to support. Help us continue to fight for you and your rights by making a tax-deductible contribution of $25 or more today!