Important Health Tips and Information From ASH

In addition to providing information about smoking and health, ASH also has links to some important new health tips and other life-saving information which can benefit nonsmokers who are concerned about their health, and the health of their families.

New Vitamin Guidelines: Know How Much is Enough, and How Much is Too Much!

How DVT is Killing Airline Passengers, and How You Can Reduce Your Own Risk

Cancer-Causing Chemicals: Official Govt. List of Substances Known to Cause Cancer in Humans

Test 4 Heart Time Bombs: New Test For Heart Problems Not Detected By Stress and Other Tests

Know YOUR Cancer Risk: How to Obtain a Personalized Assessment of YOUR Cancer Risk

Dangerous Docs Lists: Find Out Which Doctors Could Be Dangerous to Your Health

MedSites Privacy Alert: How Many Medical Internet Web Sites Invade Your Privacy

Inside Medical Web Sites:  Who's Behind Which Web Site & How It Might Affect What You Are Told

Free Meal Nutrition & Calorie Calculator: Let This Aide Figure Your Calories and Nutrition Goals

Allergy Relief Tips: New Ideas For Limiting the Problems of Allergies

New Dangers from Taking Vitamins: New Studies About Dangers of Taking Some Vitamins

New Dangers from Taking Supplements:  New Information About the Dangers of Some Supplements

Avoiding  Risky Hospitals and Picking Safe Ones: How to Pick Hospitals Which Are Safest For You

Save YOUR Baby - New Tests Can Save Newborns; Is Someone You Love Pregnant?

Easy Headache Cure: Try It; It Might Work For You