ASH in the News

Liability: untapped potential in the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

Does Tobacco Violate Human Rights?

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights Hearing: Tobacco Addiction and the Right to Health

Petition Delivery

35 Health Groups Urge Congress to Support Trans-Pacific Partnership Provision Protecting Health Measures from Tobacco Industry Attacks

New Global Anti-tobacco Leadership

Statement from ASH Executive Director Laurent Huber

Video Exposé on a Deadly Consumer Product

Breaking News Broadcast

Breaking: Tobacco Carve-Out in TPP

UN Officially Recognizes that Tobacco Makes the World Poorer

Big Trade Agreements … Big Tobacco

On Our Way to Achieving the “Impossible”


Obama Can Help End Tobacco Epidemic, Says ASH

International Smoke-free Air Successes

Trade Threats to Tobacco Control

Hillary pressed to take on Big Tobacco

ASH participates in the World Conference on Tobacco or Health 2015

Statement from Executive Director on the 25th Anniversary of Smoke-free Skies

Statement from ASH on the 25th Anniversary of Smoke-free Skies

John Oliver takes on tobacco industry

Exclusive: American Red Cross Pressured To Rid Itself of Tobacco Money

Uruguay Presents Defense Against Philip Morris Tobacco Lawsuit

32 Schools “Free From Tobacco Money”

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