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An exposé on one product causing death worldwide

As you saw in the video, Big Tobacco uses their super villain tactics to market and sell a deadly consumer product. Here are some life-saving strategies that ASH, together with your help, uses to work toward the end of the tobacco epidemic.


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Legal Tactics

– Philip Morris, whose brands include Marlboro, is litigating against Australian and Uruguayan laws on cigarette packaging.

– Several countries, backed by Philip Morris, brought a dispute before the WTO against an Australian public health measure requiring tobacco products to be sold in plain packaging in the country.

Legal Strategies

– Criminal Liability: Working with legal experts to investigate potential criminal charges against tobacco executives and corporations.

– Human Rights Law: working with legal scholars and other partners to determine the best regional or international system to hear a case on tobacco as a human rights issue

– Successfully advocated for 2015 Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) language that will block tobacco corporations from suing governments for implementing anti-tobacco regulations.

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Latest Update

o Continuing to advocate for a tobacco carve out in other trade agreements and existing bilateral trade agreements

Legitimizing Tobacco

– Providing donations to strategic organizations that will publicize their corporate support, in turn serving as strategic marketing for big tobacco

– Using the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as a front group to influence public policy to their advantage.

– Providing campaign donations to U.S. state and local politicians to decrease the likelihood that those individuals will support public health measures that decrease the sale of tobacco

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Delegitimizing Tobacco

– Successfully advocated to include a tobacco use reduction Target in the 2015 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

o Working to ensure the SDG target is fully implemented across the globe, including in the U.S.

– Successfully advocated in 2015 to have the global community (via the UN) recognize tobacco taxation as a mechanism for achieving global development.

o Working to ensure that tobacco taxes are effectively implemented around the globe, including providing guidelines for the U.S.

– Working to ensure that a tobacco prevalence reduction Indicator is included in the last step of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2016

Marketing Tobacco

– The tobacco industry targets youth as “replacement smokers”, and they

– “Deliberately go out every day and try to kill, for their own profits, the poor around the world.” – Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York City

Marketing Public Health

– Released case studies on effectively implementing smoke-free air laws, based on international successes

o Continuing to share the case studies online and among partners

– Publicized the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s work as a front group for big tobacco.

Huffington Post Blog

o Continuing to publicize atrocities of the tobacco industry, highlighting why the public health community must work together to stop the tobacco epidemic

– Flash Mob protest in Times Square


– In their own words, the tobacco industry is in the “nicotine delivery business.” They are always developing new ways to package nicotine, including e-cigarettes.


– Researching new ideas that could be key to the tobacco end-game strategy, for example tobacco divestment, the tobacco-free generation concept, and tobacco-free pharmacies.

Big Tobacco is working harder than ever to addict future generations to their deadly products.

You can help ASH change that! Become a life-saver by donating today.

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