Chemicals in Cigarettes and Smoke

One news report called the chemicals in tobacco smoke "a lethal cocktail - a horrifying list of toxic chemicals." Another called it "600 poisons in every cigarette."

According to information released by the British government, cigarettes contain: a paint stipper, a toilet cleaner, a lighter fuel, the chemical in mothballs, a poison used in gas chambers, a rocket fuel, and many other deadly poisons.

This information, now being disclosed for the first time, could help persuade smokers to quit. It can also serve as a wakeup call to nonsmokers  that breathing drifting tobacco smoke can hurt them.

So, please learn all about this list of chemicals which has been revealed. Show the list to both smokers and nonsmokers.

Now available, in an easily downloadable form, is the complete list, provided as a public service by Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) at the following link: ASH's Additives Page