Action Review: 1st Quarter 2017

Alt FactsMasters of “Alternative Facts”: Big Tobacco

“Alternative facts” have been in the news frequently in the last few weeks. While this phrase is new, the tobacco industry and its executives have been masters of utilizing “alternative facts” for decades.

Since the first indication that tobacco products might cause disease, the tobacco industry has been funding research that puts its deadly products into a better light and assuring the public that their products are safe.

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World Cancer Day 2017

International Labour Organization to Consider Severing Ties with the Tobacco Industry

Trump Administration Ties to Big Tobacco

Monograph: The Economics of Tobacco & Tobacco Control (ASH Deputy Director Chris Bostic served as a legal reviewer of this monograph)Cancers from Tobacco


Tobacco to be Hidden from Plain Sight in Netherlands Shops

Federal tobacco control is at risk in the US

Business groups, once tobacco-friendly, switch sides in fight

Tobacco control: saving lives and driving development

2017 is one of our most exciting years yet! We are plugging away on 3 concrete paths to ZERO tobacco use prevalence. That’s right. Zero. If you want to see that come to new-donation-buttonfruition, make a donation today. None of this will be possible without your ongoing support.

  • One path is to continue pushing the current global best practices of our tobacco control community, such as high tobacco taxes, smoke-free air policies, and graphic health warning labels on tobacco packages.
  • Our 2nd path you may have heard us mention before. We want to hold tobacco corporations and executives criminally liable for the harm they cause, and we are getting close to doing just that. Stay tuned.
  • Our 3rd path is to eventually end the sale of tobacco products as a normal consumer good.

If you’re tired of seeing Big Tobacco profit from the deaths they cause and ready to see tobacco products removed from stores, donate today in support of our Destination Zero.


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